Sunday, December 13, 2009

In the Classroom at St. Mary's

What a way to start off my morning. I was half a wake and sick but still managed to drag myself to St. Mary’s. I introduced myself to the teacher and she put me to work giving the kids name tags. It gave me a chance to interact with the kids. I played around with them about spelling their names and it was fun. The pre K kids are so adorable. The teacher seemed very nice and smooth with how she managed the classroom. I think it was morning free time because the kids were participating in different activities all over the class room. Some kids were doing finger paints, others were playing house, some were playing with Legos, and others sat attentively well the teacher read a book to them. I was able to remember a bunch of names for a chance. One of the girls was begging me to play house with her so I finally gave in. It is not my favorite activity but I managed to stomach it for a little while. I then started to read a book to them and before I knew it was potty break time and then I had to rush back to Cortland College for psych class. One thing I noticed about the experience was that I saw a different side of the kids. They were not as riled up in the classroom. I got to hear input from the teacher as well. It seemed like they were calmer and more focused. At the same time being in a class room all day I could see how they may get a little rambunctious. I actually witnessed them sitting still and concentrating, normally when I am there they are constantly running around. It was a great experience and put me in a great mind set for the rest of the day.

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