Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Idance", You Dance, We all Dance (other exergames)

I had a great opportunity to see Idance up close and personal. I was able to see how it functions and how interactive it is. I think it would be a great piece of equipment for a physical education class. It really captures the attention of the participants. It could also be a very strenuous workout. There is much cognitive functioning with identifying patterns and it would really force student to think on their toes. There is also so many different skill levels that it gives everyone a chance to play it. It will also never get old because you keep advancing skill levels so it stays challenging. Above all it is fun. Dancing to the music is a blast. I felt it did something to me afterwards too. I was more relaxed. The rhythm component is powerful. And the fact that so man people can participate at once against each other is amazing. I was also able to help out with an experiment. I worked with some graduate student to help them punch in data. They seemed like awesome people and it was an honor to work with them. I also was able to get my photography skills up. Mr. Yang had me going around and taking pictures of people from different angles and using different methods. To top it off I was able to interview some of my classmates on what they thought of Idance. I was also able to see some other exergames equipment. Someone set up punching bags and a DDR platform and ghetto rigged an Xbox to make a street fighter game virtual reality. That was mind blowing. It seemed like it was a ground breaking invention that has a lot of potential to see success. I could not believe it. Well any how I guess it was just another day at Cortland?

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