Friday, November 27, 2009

Still In Awe From The NYS AAPHERD Conference

The conference was such an amazing experience. Right when we arrived and checked in we started to hit presentations. It was great to sit in on the workshops and get a chance to mingle with professionals. Once again I felt a part of something much, much larger than me. It was a spiritual feeling being part of such a positive movement and being surrounded by such awesome people. I found myself drawn to a lot of health orientated presentations. The first one was called Drug… Wise….. Er….. It really caught my attention because drugs are prevalent in the secondary school setting to a profound extent. The presenter, Lori Reichel, was full of energy and very articulate. Another presentation I attended was finding your inner self and doing what you love. Chris Xaver, who is a local at TC3, did a great job describing the passion needed to really love ones job. She also talked about being responsible and empowering oneself. By the first night I was exhausted from the little sleep I had been getting in order to meet deadlines for my classes. It was even rough getting started the next day but once I started to hit more workshops I felt uplifted and energized. There was a social before the award ceremony were I was really able to pick some Cortland alumni’s brains and probe them alittle to understand more about the profession. The award ceremony was very elegant and emotional. I got a chance to meet some more really awesome people who I really look up to. To see people winning awards, making a difference in people’s lives, and giving inspiring speeches was something I am very grateful to witness. After the ceremony ended we went to a social that amazed me. There was professionals, future professionals, and professors all dancing, drinking, and having a good time. I really got loose on the dance floor and was able to let it all out and have fun. The next morning we packed it up and went home.

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