Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The circus came to St.Mary’s? Noo couldn't of ???

Ya, You bet it was physical education circus style at St. Mary’s Wednesday. We may have looked like clowns but we were not clowining around when it came down to manipulative motor skills like throwing and catching. The task was if the students could make enough of an impression on us to convince us of letting them join are circus. Did they succeed? Does dumbo fly? There were some techniques we helped them tweak but for the most part they performed the tasks well. I lead the first set of activities which involved throwing the ball against the wall and catching it. The students resembled the different stages ranging all the way from initial to mature but mostly they were performing at the elementary level. One of the bigger symbols of elementary status was bringing the ball behind their head when throwing. I though the students did great with staying focused and putting forth strong amounts of effort. I did a good job at captivating their attention and instructing the activity with enthusiasm. As we played the other throwing activity we were able to individually go into greater detail with breaking down the mechanics. I emphasized principles of keeping their eye on the target, trying to use their whole body especially their legs and core, following through, and pointing to the target with the opposite throwing hand. Some of the student implemented the suggested cues. I was surprised at some of the student’s accuracy while throwing. After, we went downstairs to the cafeteria. We got out the Legos and employed our creativity to build whatever structures came to mind. Then after going back up to the gym we played some roundball and to cap the day off we did the chicken dance. St. Mary’s has a way of making you feel like a kid again. Good times

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  1. Once again you continue to surprise and impress me with your groups creativity and preparation. I love the theme that you incorporated into your lesson and I love the way you involved it in your activity. I believed you used a story to go along with your lesson about getting into the circus. I thought this was great. Like i said in a previous lab, creating a story around your lesson is the number one way to get students involved and interested in what you have to teach.

    I also am noticing a great improvement in your teaching style. You are much louder and more assertive when in front of the children. They are responding much better to you because of this increased confidence. Keep up the good work, it is paying off.