Friday, November 27, 2009

Pre-K play!

Wow did the pre-k get me fired up. The innocence the youngsters possess is beautiful. They are truly precious. It was great how well they responded and how easy they were to enthrall and motivate. At first we went outside on the playground. Most of the time we played tag and they ran around chasing me. It is amazing how such a simple activity can really hold their attention for such a long length of time. It was a lot of fun and very physically exhausting. We really nailed the naspe standards that emphasize participating in fitness enhancing physical activities. All of our heart rates were up. I felt like Barry Sanders juking them out so they couldn’t catch me. It was great because it got them used to changing direction quickly. After we went inside and me and my classmate read books to them. I have never done that before and it was a great experience. To really captivate them and make the book come to life was a lot of fun. After we set up an activity that was hooked in to the story line of a book we read about Clifford (the big red dog). The task was to crawl through a tunnel, hop and jump on pull spots, pick up fake food, and then put it in Clifford’s bowl. The kids ate the activity up. If we didn’t stop them they would have done it all day.

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